Ireland: The Planning Stages

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In December I received the best news. We are going to Ireland! Yes, my long-awaited dream is coming true and we are now in the planning stages.

I firmly believe this is going to be a hard trip to plan, there is so much I want to see and we are limited in the time we have on the ground. Plus, since we are already so close I want to see Scotland too. I have two weeks to be able to be a tourist and sight see, but also to be the genealogist I am and visit places that my family has been and research some more.

To get us started in our planning stages we went to our local bookstore and picked up two books.

So far, I have started going through the book on Ireland and I know there is so much I want to see. Not sure how I will make this a manageable list, but I will have to.

I cannot wait to visit the ole’ sod.



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