Ireland Reaching Out

Do you have Irish ancestry? If you do, I am sure you understand how hard it is to trace those ancestors. Well, it looks like things will be changing for those actively pursuing their Irish ancestors, because of Ireland Reaching Out.

Last night, I attended a reception at the Irish American Heritage Center on behalf of their genealogy group (there was actually a table full of people from our group). The reception was for a group that was in from Galway, Ireland. Within the group, there was; CLLR. Thomas Welby, Mayor of County Galway, CLLR. Terry O’Flaherty, the Mayor of the City of Galway also with the group was representatives from Ireland Reaching Out. This was a great presentation and I am excited about what they are doing. They call it “Reverse Genealogy,” I call it a gift from the genealogy gods!

Instead of going into what I got out of the program last night. I thought I would show you some of their YouTube videos that explains the project.

I met Mike last night as well, extremely nice man and you can see that he has a passion for what he is doing. The following clip is an interview with Mike Feerick, Founder of Ireland Reaching Out.




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  1. Traveled all over the world and Ireland is my top pick for favorite destination. Co.Galway is my favorite place in Ireland and the kindess of the people remain fresh in my memories. Did a little genealogy searching in Co. Galway, Conemarra, Lettermore where my G grandmother is from and did not find anything. I also did not know much back then compared to today. Just in case you have connections ….would LOVE to volunteer in person if they need anyone willing to work for free in exhange for the beauty of the area and helping me find the Foleys, Nee’s, Joyces….

    1. I would love to visit Ireland, it is on my bucket list. One day…

      There are many people out there that are willing to help with the research, have not found anyone that will do it for trade.
      Fill out the form and see what you can assist with.

  2. Terri..I remember WHY I know very little about this project. The website. Everytime I go to find out more about the project it lets me link and then freaks out and jumps back to the main page. Is it just me? Unable to fill out a form. I will try it from my I touch. Did I also mention I FLY FOR FREE on my husbands passes? I can always bring a friend on a buddy pass! Now you will be thinking about it all day!!! I am hoping I can get my husband to bid Ireland for a month and just LEAVE ME THERE..

    1. Lisa,

      I have not had that problem at all with the website. When you try later, if it does not work click the link to contact them and let them know (hopefully that will work).
      As for your husband and those passes, I will definitely be thinking about that (for more than today), if you ever need a buddy to travel with, I’m there!

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