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Travellers' Decorated CaravanWhile I wait on the films from Salt Lake City and the records from the church in Ireland, I thought I would take some time to search on the witnesses and sponsors that are listed in each of the indexed records I found. Again, it turned to be a pretty good day I completely feel like Irish eyes are smiling on me!

If you recall, in Irish Church Records, I shared information that I found additional records that could just be my extended Connell / O’Connell family. Searching on the odd names certainly helped me out.

First I made a list of possible siblings for Ellen and Denis, based on their children’s baptismal sponsors. The possible siblings are as follows:




Philip Connell
Michael Connell
Ellen Connell


John Feehane / John Fehine
Dermot Fehine
Daniel Feheen
Johanna Fehine / Johanna Tehan

The results for the Connell / O’Connell family was what I suspected, not so easy to figure out. I will need a bit more information to see if I can really make additional family connections with them.

On the Fehine line, I had a bit more luck. I started with Dermot, not a very popular name. I found a marriage index for Dermot Fehine and Catherine Buckley on 13 Feb 1841, they were living in Drommagh, Dromtariffe at the time of marriage. The witnesses to their marriage are Eugene Sullivan and Mary Murphy.

Then I moved on to possible sister Johanna Feheen / Fehine / Tehan and found a marriage index for Charles Mcarty to Johanna Fehine of Island, Dromtariffe. The witnesses for this marriage were Daniel Fehine and John Fehine. I followed this family and found a baptism index for Mary McCarthy. Her parents are listed as Johanna Fehine and Charles McCarthy. Her sponsors were Johanna McCarthy and Catherine Buckley.

As you can see all of the names are repeating. I am positive I am on the right track with this family. I did find a few other records that I am going to follow up on as well once the records arrive at the Naperville Family History Center. I cannot wait to look through those two films.

Hope to have an update on this within the next few weeks to share with everyone.




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  1. Once the first names start repeating, you must definitely be on the right track. At least that’s how it works in my Irish family. I also like searching for the unusual names on a first-name search. I had a cousin named Ophelia, and it was amazingly easy to find her obituary.

    Marriage witnesses and sponsors — that sounds like a difficult search. I’ve not yet had enough starting information to do that, although I suppose searching for the “informant” on a Death Certificate is similar.

    Enjoyed your post!

    1. Mariann, yes the Irish really liked to follow that naming pattern. I have decided that I am going to pull the records for all the Connell / O’Connell’s in this area and see if they fit into a larger family unit. It will be a longer process, but hopefully it will also lead me to a larger family to follow in the end. With luck, maybe I will be able to follow some of the families forward in Ireland and find a few living relatives.

      As for the marriage and baptismal sponsors, it would definitely consider it the same as following the informant on the death certificate.

      Thanks for following and commenting, Mariann. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Happy for you! The repeating names thing is a really strong indicator (of more exciting finds to come !)
    I enjoy living vicariously thru your “chase”
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Kassie aka “Mom”
    Maybe someone should write that down…

  3. I have a g-grandmother Martha Connell birth 22 May 1845, Curravolly, Parish of Kilcoe, Co. Cork one of eight children of Edward Connell and Mary Roycraft. Edward born abt 1814 Boherbue, Co. Cork m. 1839 Diocese of Cork and Ross (perhaps Boherbue). No other information concerning Mary. Emmigrated in 1863(probably). Edward died Chatham, Ontario, Canada.. Mary moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1865. Mary m. ( 2)Joseph William McRobert in 1866. Martha m. Seth Higgins 1866 in Chippewa, Wisconsin Have directions to find old home in Curravolly

    1. Ed,

      That is great that you have the family back so far and that you have directions to the place they lived.

      I have not been to Ireland yet, but it is definitely on my wish list. I have found the family on Griffiths, so I hope having that information will make it a wee bit easier to find the location today.

      Good luck in your continued research!

    2. Ed,
      I live in Chippewa Falls, Wi and have a lot of info on Edw. Connell and Mary Roycraft. My family has always claimed that Edw. was my gr grandfather’s (William Connell b.1845 Cork d. 1925 at Chippewa Falls, WI) father but I have no proof. Would you be interested in comparing notes.

      1. Bob,

        Would love to compare notes with you. This line has been my hardest to research. I will also email you directly so we can compare family notes.


      2. I have a booklet by Martha Connell telling how to find the old home in townland of Curravolly, Parish of Kilcoe, Co. Cork, Ireland. My wife and I have been there. You can find it on the Ordinance Survey Map which will make it much easier to find. She also listed all of her brothers and sisters. There was a William who was the next youngest after her. She listed her birth date so either her brother William had to be a twin or his birthdate can’t be 1845. Most likely 1846 or 7. We started to get ready to move a couple of years ago and my notes and stuff got mixed up and I haven’t had a chance to find the booklet again will try to do so.


        1. Was wondering if Ed Swan is still out there. I also have an interest in the Edward Connell family, believe my great grandfather was William Connell who would have been Martha Connell’s brother, he was born on 3 April 1848.c His marriage document listed his father as Edward Connell and mother as Mary Roycraft.
          Any help would be appreciated.


          1. Not sure if Ed is out there still or if he signed up for notification of responses, but I am definitely interested in anyone that has the O’Connell surname. Last year I signed up to do a one-name project on the O’Connell’s. So any information people would like to submit, I would be interested to know about.

  4. Hi-I think Catherine Buckley was my great great great grandmother! We’re Dennis & Ellen siblings? Who were their parents? Sorry, I’m not sure I understand the sibling connection but very interested to know more. We have a family member researching this side of the family. Thanks!

    1. Charlotte,

      Thank you so much for replying! I believe that Dermot Fehine, who married Catherine Buckley was the brother to Ellen Fehine. Ellen Married Denis Connell, who is my 3rd great grandfather. Unfortunately, I have no information going back further on either of these families.

      Will also be emailing you in regards to this.


  5. I am very happy for you. I am really enjoying your discoveries. I agree that the repeating names are a strong indicator that you are indeed on the right track. Continued success.

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