Introducing Irish Ancestral Tours

Months ago we blogged about visiting Ireland with like-minded people to share your research and to see the country together. This week we have made some strides to move forward with this plan. Today we introduce our new Facebook page, Irish Ancestral Tours.

Irish Ancestral Tours

Irish Ancestral Tours is working with Cruise Planners – OConnell Travel to create a group itinerary specific to the tour participants. Information will be gathered through surveys to create a travel plan that will allow everyone to have a say on where research will take place and what will be seen. It’s the best of both worlds, researching in Ireland and sight-seeing in this amazing country! If the first trip goes as planned, we hope to continue to do this yearly.

Just so I am clear with each of you, I am working with me! Yes, you read that right and I know it sounds confusing. But, I am the face behind Irish Ancestral Tours and the face behind Cruise Planners – OConnell Travel.

These tours are open to those who do not know where their ancestors originate in Ireland as well. We highly recommend you use 8 Days of Irish Research to help you find the connection. Because we start planning early, you will have plenty of time to make the connection before we go, which will give you the ability to research in Ireland.

Please take the time to ‘Like’ the Irish Ancestral Tours FB page and feel free to share it with friends. Also, sign up to receive our emails.



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