Indiana Vital Records Released on Ancestry

Yesterday I was super excited to see that Ancestry finally released the Indiana Vital records! Indiana records had been covered by a privacy law (I believe it was 100 years). I have a few family lines that go through Indiana, some of those families are still in the same areas today. I have already found a record that answered a family question. I hope to be able to spend some more time in these records looking for more family members.

Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011
Indiana, Marriage Certificates, 1958-2005
Indiana, Birth Certificates, 1907-1940

Ancestry releases Indiana Vital Records
Ancestry releases Indiana Vital Records


The transcriptions are a bit goofy. Even though a woman is listed with her full maiden name, she is transcribed with the husband’s name. I should say with the man’s surname. I found my great-grandmother in a record with a surname she never had because the man in the record had that name.



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