In Remembrance

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of Zedith M. (Lachney) Richmond, My Last Grandma. The past few months have been a bit difficult as she has often crossed my mind.

Just recently, we were cleaning out our attic and I found the childhood pictures she had given me many years ago. I was so relieved when I found them, I knew exactly what frame they were in, I just could not locate it. After going through a few boxes in the attic, I was thrilled when I pulled the frame out and both pictures were still inside of it.

Feb 1942, 9 years old

Both of these pictures were taken at Stoco School (Raleigh Co., WV), you can read more about the school in this post.

Even though Grandma lived out-of-state and I was not able to see her when I liked, I miss hearing her deep gut wrenching laugh (while she rocked back and forth in a chair) and hearing her call me by her special name.

I love you dearly Grandma and we miss you every day!



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