In-Depth Family Study of O’Connell’s

Cuteness alert!If you have read my posts leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, you know that my O’Connell / Connell line has been opening up for me. I have found a transcription error that was the cause of my standstill on this family. Now that I have the correct spelling and its many variations, I have decided to create and in-depth family study of the Connell’s (and also the Fehine’s) in the area of Dromtariffe, County Cork, Ireland.

My plan is simple, yet lengthy. I will go through the index on the Irish Genealogy website and pull all of the marriages and baptisms pertaining to the Connell / O’Connell’s and the Fehine’s. Once I have completed that, I will then try to piece together every family. This is a small area in County Cork, and I just know that the families will all come together, either up or down the lines.

At this point, I have pulled all of the Connell / O’Connell marriages, which took me two days (probably about 4 hours at the most). The baptisms will take much longer, as there are over 20,000 baptisms in County Kerry (though the family lived in County Cork, the church is part of the Kerry Diocese).

Continue to check back to see how the study progresses.



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  1. My friends from the Cork Genealogical Society on FB cleared up a lot when I found out my ancestors were actually located in the Kerry Diocese but were in Cork . But still have figured out why they were buried in Co. Kerry. It’s a giant step even figuring out the diocese. Very confusing. Keep us posted and Good Luck. It would be great if our names were not as common.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. They were the ones that actually told me the same thing. I have not even begun to think of burial records in Ireland yet. Still looking for parents of my eldest immigrant ancestor. Not sure if I will be able to find that information or not, but I will keep trying.

      I do agree that the common names make it much harder to research. Thus, my in-depth family study to see if I can figure it out.

      Good luck with your research.

  2. You are a brave woman, Terri, to confront this large plan. It’s a great concept, though, in my opinion. Marriages and baptisms ought to = families, or at least the centers of families, and from there you can move further out. I can picture you (as I would be) arranging all these family modules on the floor or on the living room rug. I hope everything falls into place.

    (Just want to make one friendly suggestion, and hope you don’t mind! I think family surnames are just like other plurals, with no apostrophe: The Connells and Fehines are here. Unless you’re talking about possession and ownership . . . then you’d write the Connells’ house, applying to the whole family.)

    I look forward to checking back to see your progress!

  3. Hi there,

    I suspect I may be able to help you here as my ancestors would be O’Connells from Dromsehy which is in Dromtariffe Cork. Can you give me the names you are trying to research and I can check if this is the same family.


    1. Thanks, Jackie. I am researching the family of Denis and Ellen (Fehine) Connell, married 1840 at St. Johns, Dromtariffe, Cork. I have information on all of their children. At this point I am trying to locate information on the Denis and Ellen to see if it is possible to move the family back.

  4. To any one that may be interested and perhaps can help. I am researching Dr Geoffrey Edward O’Connell, a
    kinsman of Daniel O’Connell who lived in Cork 1750 and later. He was a Lieutenant in the ‘Walsh’s Irish Regiment
    of Irish Brigade and was captured and held at the Bastille during French Revolution. He was later released and
    returned to Ireland. Was in later years married to Elizabeth Ann Ross and had three children, Michael 1804,
    John 1811 and Elizabeth Anne 1813. Apparently he and his family lived at Hillgrove, Kerry, after his return from
    France. Thank you. Marié.

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