I am Home

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know that I am home from my trip to Ireland. There are many blog posts to come to cover my trip. I am still currently processing the things I learned and the things I did. I know, it sounds silly. But, having spent two weeks exploring a majority of Ireland is a lot. I took in so much information, and that was just from site seeing.

I did end up doing a wee bit of research and did not really find anything that I can currently add to my family tree. But, I have some things to follow-up on to see if it might add another branch back on my family tree.

My trip was amazing and I am really thankful for the time I was able to spend traveling the beautiful countryside of Ireland. With all the planning we did, I have to confess that some of our plans did not fall through. Obviously, we will need to plan another trip to finish the site seeing. We had so many people tell us that two weeks was more time that we would need to see all of Ireland. All I can say is to all of those who feel that way, you are absolutely WRONG!

I am looking forward to our next trip, hopefully it will be within the next year. Well, a girl can hope, RIGHT?




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