Hope in New York City

Hope In New York City: The Continuing Story of the Irish Dresser by Cynthia G. Neale, is the second in her series about Nora McCabe. For information on her first book, see The Irish Dresser.

Hope in New York City follows Nora’s life living in the five points section of New York City. The trials and tribulations of a new immigrant are continuous for Nora and her family. Neale does a wonderful job of opening the readers eyes what life was like for those that were courageous enough to make the journey to America.

Although I recommended the first book for around the age of ten, I would recommend the readers are a bit older as there is some subject matter that may be a bit much for a ten year old. I definitely recommend both books for those who are interested in finding out more about the lives of Irish Immigrants in America.


*Disclaimer: I purchased this book with my money. I am an Amazon affiliate, the small amount of money I make through these links helps to support this website and continue my genealogy education.



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