As many of you know, I have two great loves: Genealogy and Travel. Years ago we started a travel agency from home, which continues to grow (follow our FB page to see all we are doing). With my love to travel, I have learned to turn almost every vacation we take into heritage travel.

Our Heritage Travel:

From our Founding Fathers and the Revolutionary War, to a glimpse at the Civil War.

Traveling Ireland – The fall of 2015 we spent two weeks traveling all over Ireland, I blogged about many of the different places we saw. Some having to do with my ancestors, some with history and some were just places we visited for fun.

Most of our travels throughout the US include some sort of heritage travel. Even if the family we are learning about is not related to us, we usually can walk away with a bit of knowledge about how people lived in a certain time frame. Which, in turn, can assist with our family. I have many lines that were here pre Revolutionary War. Some believe one line comes directly from the Mayflower, though I have not proven this beyond a reasonable doubt.

For a look at posts that do not have a theme, see Miscellaneous Heritage Travel.

It just confirms that adding a bit of history into your travel can open up new information on your family, even if you are learning about someone else’s family. Take some time on your next trip and reach back into history.

If you need assistance planning your heritage trips, please contact me or visit Cruise Planners – O’Connell Travel for assistance.