Happy Birthday!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Denver area for the 90th birthday of an aunt I had never met. I was extremely excited to do so because I thought it would never happen. I have NEVER traveled via airplane for such a short visit, anywhere. I have to say, it was totally worth it.

I arrived Saturday afternoon and had a few hour wait until my aunt from California arrived. I was aware of the wait beforehand, so I brought work with to keep my busy as I waited. Saturday night, we had dinner with my first cousin, once removed and his wife (whom we had never met before). It was nice to sit back and chat with him and his wife, and to be asked about my family research. Unfortunately, the line we share does not have any overly interesting stories so far so the conversation was short lived. Though, I think I might have new victim, um I mean candidate for  DNA testing. This just might help me narrowing down our Jonas line.

90th Birthday Cake

On Sunday afternoon, we headed out to the birthday party. I will be honest, going to a party where you only know one person is a bit daunting. I felt very out of place to begin with. I finally got to meet my aunt, I also got to meet a first cousin,  a few first cousin’s once removed, and some first cousin’s twice removed. It was wonderful to be able to sit with them after the party and show them the information I had on the family and to discuss the DNA projects that our shared line is involved in. Though the family had a split some 80 years ago, nothing changes the fact that we share DNA and will always be related.

Out of respect for the family, I am not sharing any photographs from the event. I did take many and was able to capture a few four generation pictures.




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