Hamilton County, IL Vital Records

Do you have ancestors in Hamilton County, IL? Do you have a need for records? I have searched high and low for the records on-line. Zilch out there. Hamilton County GenWeb has some transcriptions, but the did not have what I was looking for. I looked at IRAD (Illinois Regional Archives Depository) and they did not have what I needed either. The only other option was to call the Hamilton County Clerk’s office.

Photo Credit: Jerry Attrick via FreeImages.com
Photo Credit: Jerry Attrick via FreeImages.com

Here is when the records began for them:

  • Marriage 1821
  • Birth 1878
  • Death 1878

I asked for a search for the few records I needed. Two of them were for after the date the records started, neither record was there. The next record I asked for a search for was a marriage record, and it was found. They will send out the records, but the transaction has to take place via good old-fashioned snail mail. That’s right folks, dust of your letter writing skills and write an actual letter. Address that envelop and don’t forget to put a stamp on it!

Remember the days before electronics ruled our world, how we all wanted something mailed to us? I do. I always looked forward to a letter or a card in the mail. Holidays and birthdays were always great months for mail. Now, I detest getting the mail. It’s a bill or a sales ad, nothing fun. Think about watching the mail for those new records you ordered. They will be here soon!



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  1. Hi Terri. I’m sure you know this: the link you provided for the Hamilton Co. IL GenWeb page has this information, which your readers might find worthwhile:

    “Hamilton County was created on February 8, 1821 from the western part of White County. The county seat is in McLeansboro, IL. The area of the present Hamilton County was part of White County from 1815 to 1821. From 1812 to 1815, it was part of Gallatin County. And before 1812, it was part of Randolph County. See the Illinois County Boundaries 1790-Present web site for maps showing county boundary changes.”
    So many of the records for those areas might still be housed in the existing counties with those names.


    “If you need some information out of any of the Hamilton County reference books, please contact one of the lookup volunteers: http://hamilton.ilgw.org/lookups.htm.”

    By the way, I have had really good luck doing this in other counties!

    The webmaster also includes links to helpful pages regarding Ill & especially Southern Ill.

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