Give the Gift of Genealogy

Gift IdeasChristmas can be stressful, there is always a person or two that you just do not know what to get for them. Consider the gift of genealogy…Yes, it is too late to ask someone to do a bit of research and compile it for Christmas. But, it is never to late to buy a gift certificate for research services.

You can also commission someone now to do research for next Christmas if you want to present a finished product. A year is a good timeframe to give a professional genealogist. If you go this route, make sure to check out my posts about hiring a professional genealogist (Is it Worth it to Hire a Professional Genealogist, What Information Should I Provide to a Professional Genealogist and How Quickly will my Research be Completed).

If you would like to discuss purchasing a gift certificate for my genealogy services, contact me.






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