The Genealogy Roadshow: Season Two

By now I am sure most of you have had a chance to watch the first episode of The Genealogy Roadshow: Season Two. I was really excited to sit down and watch it. Unfortunately, I could not convince my family to watch it with me so I had to wait for everyone to go to bed for the evening. If you recall (if not read Genealogy in the Mainstream) , I was not a huge fan last year and thought that they had a lot of things to fix. But, overall I was happy that PBS continues to air shows dedicated to genealogy and history.

I am so happy to share that PBS and higher ups at Genealogy Roadshow made some changes for season two. Here are a few that standout to me:

  1. The addition of Mary Tedesco (you can find more on Mary at Origins Italy) was brilliant. She really has a great television presence and you could see that she loved sharing the stories with the participants.
  2. The addition of tips! Loved watching Josh Taylor walk through the cemetery and explain what you can find there. Major win!

Somethings that stood out that just did not seem right:

  1. The DNA section still seem awkward. I know that it takes a lot of time to explain everything. But, pretty much reading an autosomal DNA result is just not interesting. We need a bit more information on this. For example, does it match up to what the family knows about their ancestors?
  2. The background noise…Not noise in the sense that it was too noisy. But all the commotion in the background is too much. It distracts from the stories. When I should be watching what is going on, I am staring at the background wondering what all the hubbub is about. It seems too much like a vendor hall than a serious show.

For me, thats the pros and the cons for this weeks episodes. Let me close with saying that I loved the show and cannot wait until next weeks episode.



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