Follow up Friday: January Goals, Week 1

This week I have only just begun to work towards my goals. The only one I have worked on so far is the organizational goal. I needed to get all of my genealogy “stuff” into one area, and for the most part that is done.

My small genealogy library.

Though I have not really worked towards my goal on the supposed Mayflower line, I have been giving it some thought on how I want to proceed with it. I hope to make some progress with it in the coming week.

Stay tuned, because I might post more of those pictures later today/tomorrow.



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    1. Thanks Cindy! Its only taken ummm, since 1999 to do this (I procrastinate just a bit). As for the Mayflower line, its not 100% and it is going to take a lot of work to verify that.

    1. Thanks, I loved the Cemetery Research book. I got many comments on it when I would take it to work, they thought I was a bit morbid until I explained it to them, then it was cool.I got it off of Amazon for a good price.

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