Follow up Friday: December Goals Week 2

So, on Monday, 5 December 2011, I posted my goals for the month of December,  you can read that post here. Today,  I want to take a few minutes and update where I am for week 2. Week ones updates are bold and week two’s updates are italicized.

So, here are my goals for the Month of December:

  1. Visit Rosehill Cemetery and find Graves of the Felske Family Complete
  2. Visit St Luke/Lucas Cemetery and find graves of the Freiburger family Complete
  3. While at the above listed cemeteries, take pictures to add to Billion Graves  Complete
  4. Since the weather is starting to change and cemetery hunting is ending, I want to continue to transcribe for Billion Graves So far I have transcribed almost 300 stones
  5. Reread the BCG Manual for my ASM 1 class for NIGS and schedule my first telephone call. Also, read the article assigned and follow up with the live meeting required for the class. My goal was to spend time this past week and take care of all the reading. So far, I have not done this. Hopefully, tomorrow. *Fingers crossed*
  6. Continue with my blogging efforts by utilizing my list of upcoming posts to publish So far I have blogger every day of Jan., I believe 2 posts per day (except today).   So, I have only missed 2 days for the month of the December.
  7. Continue research into my Jonas and Jaeger lines Received letter in mail about Jonas line, (no connection yet) but still researching. Still researching
Obviously, I did a much better job last week working on my goals. This week, I added a new goal because of a blog post I read, to see the details of this post, click here. My new goal is to work on my website which I purchased my domain for about a year ago. I have spent the past 3 days working on this. By no means have I completed, but I am much further than I thought I could be. So far, I have added photo’s for both my maternal and paternal lines, and brick wall ancestors on my paternal line. I want to be completely done with this site by the end of 2011. 



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    1. Liz,

      Unfortunately, my finances for genealogy have dramatically dwindled this past year so I have not signed up for a new set of classes. I’m hoping maybe sometime in 2012 I might be able to start again. I have dragged my feet on ASM1 and have no clue if I will finish before my end date of 1/15/12. I hope too. Good luck with your classes!

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