First Families of Ohio Application: May Update

On May 5th, I posted about John DeLong and the First Families of Ohio lineage society. I decided that I would work towards completing my application, and having it mailed in by December 31, which is the deadline (it must be postmarked by this date).

It’s time for my first update. Following is the plan I set for my application.

First Families of Ohio (FFO) Application Game Plan:

  1. Finish filling out application
  2. Print application to use as a roadmap for further research.
  3. Find holes in research that need to be filled, highlight these holes on the working application.
  4. Create a research plan(s) for follow-up research that needs to be completed.
  5. Create virtual folder to hold all records pertaining to the application.
  6. Download all images of records and file in virtual folder.
  7. Research as needed to fill the holes in application.
  8. Make calls, write letters or find someone to pull records if needed.
  9. Add citations to all records (see step 3).
  10. Print all records in folder (see step 3).
  11. Add all records from step 5 to the application by numbering them and listing them on the bottom of the application.
  12. Make corrections on the working application as I go.
  13. Once all corrections have been made on working application, go to the saved copy and make any corrections needed.
  14. Print corrected application, sign and mail.

Where I am in this Process:

  1. Application has been filled out.
  2. Application has been printed.
  3. Application has been gone through. I have highlighted partial information in yellow, which means I need to go back and get the balance of the information (such as city or county, full date). Anything that was a complete hole is highlighted in blue. That is where I will need to go and create a research plan to find the information.
  4. Virtual folder has been created, application is saved in folder.

Not too bad for only working on this for a short period. By the end of June, I hope to have downloaded all the records needed for the application to the virtual folder and hopefully a research plan will be started.



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