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Almost a year ago, I purchased my own domain, hoping that one day I would get a my own website up and running. Hoping, that one day in the future I just might decide to become a professional genealogist.

Yesterday, Linda McCauley posted on her genealogy blog, You Really Should Have a Genealogy Website, on Documenting the Details. After going through her blog post, it just clicked that I needed to finish my website. Don’t get me wrong, it was up and published, I just did not utilize the space I am paying for.

Today, I spent the majority of my day updating the website be adding information, inserting family trees and getting pages set for the future. I also took the opportunity to link in my photography and travel blogs, and make a link to my business web site (with information about that as well).

In the future, I might merge my blog over there as well. Right now, weebly does not let you import your blog in. But, I am not concerned with that right now. If you click on my blog name there, it brings you here.

Please, take a moment and check out Finding Our Ancestors and let me know what you think.



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  1. Thanks Leslie, I have been making small changes to it. I was probably saving as you were trying to go on. Please try again.

    1. Thanks so much! And, thanks for signing up to follow my blog as well. As for the website, at this point, there is no way to follow it. But, feel free to bookmark it and come back often. If this changes, I will makes sure to write a post to let my followers know that you can subscribe there as well!

      PS. Love your scraping blog!

  2. Terri, the website looks great! You’ve done a great job on it. After looking at yours and a few others, I’m thinking about adding a page or two for my “brick wall” ancestors as well. What a great idea!

    1. Thanks Jenny. I absolutely thought the brick wall page was an awesome idea. Keeps the information out there (and in a few places, once on the blog once on the website).

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