Finding Ireland in Irish Lives Remembered

Today is a big day for me. A few weeks back, I received an email asking me if I would like to contribute to a new digi mag based on Irish research. I was super excited and honored to be asked to write for something that I was not a part of and for someone who I did not know.

I have written for myself on this blog a few years, I write over at The In-Depth Genealogist now and then and usually I have a monthly column as well. But, for someone to reach out and ask me to write about my Irish ancestors and my research, that truly touched me. So, I took a few days and compiled some of my posts here what information I have and wrote my article, which I titled Finding Ireland and sent it in to Irish Lives Remembered.

Today while reading my email, I read through my Y-IRL list and was excited to see that someone shared a new Irish digital magazine. Yep, for Irish Lives Remembered. I was super excited to see my words in print. So, while I was at a stop light I clicked through and found my article. Yay! It looked absolutely beautiful. The whole magazine does.

This month there is a 24 page section on Cork, which includes Irish genealogy resources. Those researching Irish ancestors can understand that any place that lists resources for your Irish ancestors, is a good thing to read. I cannot wait to dig into this.

Thanks again to Eileen, for asking me to write about my Irish ancestors and research. I was truly honored to do so.

To read the Irish Lives Remembered Magazine, click here. Make sure to read pages 37 – 39 for my article, Finding Ireland.



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  1. How exciting! Congratulations! I read your article and it’s fantastic. My great-grand uncle married a lady named Cecilia Jennings, who was from Southern Ireland. I don’t yet know where in Ireland she and her family were from though.

    1. Thanks Jana! And thanks for following the links to read the article! My Irish ancestry is the hardest I have tried to research and it took me well over 10 years to make the small discoveries that I did. Good luck in you research of the Jennings.

  2. How great! I’ll be in next month’s issue! Congrats, the magazine is well done and they are wonderful to work with, aren’t they? Good job.

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