Finding Bridget (Curran) O’Connell

So, I’m still wondering why Bridget (Curran) and John (GG Paternal Grandparents) are not buried together. I sent an email to nygeorge on This person seemed to answer a lot of queries and I figured maybe I could get a little help.

Boy, was I right. She found for me that Bridget is buried at Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery in Granville, NY (which is close to the Vermont border).

Now, here’s the odd thing, this is the church G Grandpa Dennis was baptized at. I have an original letter from the church that I believed was used to verify the birth of Dennis for something. This church does not have a lot of information on-line. But one day, I will make the call to see if they have any other family records (like marriage, or other birth’s).

I will let you know if I come up with anything else from here as well.



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  1. Hi Terri…not sure how I came across this article due to the date but my cat over my keyboard helped. I saw the last name CURRAN. I have them on my O’SULLIVAN/SULLIVAN bullentin board. Is that a common name? Mine I believe are from Boston and it’s the generation before me and do not know them so they could be anywhere. Will e-mail you the list..SLAINTE

    1. Lisa, not sure how common the name is. Though I have met a Curran about a year ago. I have no contacts on this line at all. Though I believe that Bridget was from County Kerry. I have what I believe is the index for her baptism there, but I cannot say 100% it is her. Look forward to the email.

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