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Week #29: Write about your favorite genealogy web sites. It seems like a new website pops up every day. Tell us about the ones you like best. Thanks to We Tree for the continuous inspiration to keep us blogging.

There has been a lot of talk this past week about the different genealogy websites and what we would like them to do. Personally, for the longest time Ancestry has been my favorite website. I love being able to connect with other members and find those possible connections to my family. In the past 6 months, I have found 3 different distant cousins on 2 different family lines. I have been able to meet one of those families.

Though Facebook is not a “genealogy” website, it has been a wonderful tool to assist me with keeping in contact with other bloggers and family researchers. It keeps me up to date with new blog posts, anything that is news worthy is posted quickly. For instance, everyone on Facebook was posting the news on the passing of Michael Jackson, before CNN would even report it. News travels very quickly through this site and I would not leave it for the world. Besides keeping me up to date in the genealogy world, it also keeps me updated on family and friends. I cannot ask for anything more than to keep all my contacts together.

Most of the talk on websites this week  has been on GenealogyWise. They are in the process of some growing pains, as all new sites go through. I give them credit for acting quickly to the many negative things that have been said. They cancelled a contest that was not properly thought out and apologized for the removal of a post. Though there still are some current “pains” due to this. Besides all of this, GenealogyWise is a happening place for the genealogist. Wether beginner or professional. There is something for everyone. Groups range from surnames to locations, from those offering help to others looking for help. Plus, many groups on those cemeteries that we all love to go and look for our ancestors at.

I have previously covered my top ten websites. As you can see there has been some changes. The genealogy world is ever-changing and we need to change with it.



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