Family Connections on Facebook

I have been using Facebook for genealogy for years. To be honest, I have two accounts. One for family and friends and then one for genealogy. For me, it’s easier to keep track of things. I have never really found a family connection on Facebook. Well, not one I did not already know about. On Jan 7 I had a great genealogy day on Facebook. I connected with two woman, one who is a definite cousin through my Richmond line and one who possibly might be a cousin on my O’Connell line. It was a great day on Facebook (no matter what the hubby says about it being a waste of my time).

On Jan 8 my new-found cousin, Sheila, asked if I had a photo of my 2nd great-grandfather John E. Richmond. I told her I did not. She was hoping to compare the picture with her ancestor William H. Richmond. She went through her photo’s that she inherited from an aunt and found a picture of William and another man. When she turned it over and read it, it said William H Richmond and his brother John. She was so excited to have found it! She shared it with and I could not get over the family resemblance.

Richmond Brothers
John Eldridge Richmond (left)
William Harrison Richmond Jr (right) Used with permission

Thank you Sheila for making my week! I will treasure this photo, as it is the only one I have for John!



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