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In the past I have blogged about how Facebook is a great tool for genealogists. Today I want to highlight a new group that is out there, the Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center Professional Research. I joined this group awhile back because I know I have Scandinavian ancestry, the DNA tests don’t lie, but I currently do not know where my link comes in. I wanted to make sure I was prepared once (or IF) I find my link.

The Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center Professional Research’s description is as follows:

Purpose of this group is to provide a forum for links, tips and tricks that can be helpful or of interest for anyone interested in Scandinavian (mainly Danish and Swedish) Genealogy and research.

The group was created by:

Janni Brodersen
who lives in Denmark and is working on her own Genealogy and Family History in her spare time and co-administered by

Kim Melchior
who lives in Utah and is a full-time Professional Accredited Genealogist.He has more than 35 years of Experience in Scandinavian research (mainly Danish and Swedish.) Kim’s website  Scandinavian Genealogy gives a little more information about him and he can be contacted by email.

Here is what I have noticed in the group so far…

Posts are on naming patterns, costumes, the Norwegian Census, nordic names, a list of Danish Counties, Danish classes, Danish fraternal organizations, maps, methodology and so much more. I definitely recommend that if you have even just a smidgen of Scandinavian blood that you join the Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center Professional Research.



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