Exciting News From Last Week

Becca and Terri
Terri and Becca
St. Patrick’s Weekend 2013
Irish American Heritage Center

Last week was an exciting one in our house, the youngest child received word from the DAR that her application has been approved. She has already been in contact with some of my friends about volunteering for the organization. I am super excited that she made the decision to become an active member of the group. Originally, she signed the papers because Mom told her to do it. Now, she wants to get involved. I sent her a text the other day that I found two more ancestors that fought in the Revolution, making a total of three possible supplements that we can file as well.

With today being Veterans Day, I would like to thank my ancestors that fought during the Revolution. Unfortunately, I do not have any photo’s of these men in my family files.

William Cody Richmond (VA)
John Black (VA)
Samuel Black (VA)
Johann Georgius Garlinger (PA)

I would also like to thank the many others in my family that fought for our country, we never forget the sacrifice you gave.



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