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Interested in Attending RootsTech? Here is your chance to win your RootsTech 2018 pass (valued at $279).

You have three options to enter:

  1. Comment on this post with the best family story you have found researching your family.
  2. Comment on this post with your brick wall.
  3. Write a blog post about either subject and come back to this post and comment, leaving a link to your blog post.

It is that easy! Just write about your family in the comments or a blog post (with a comment here leading to your post) and a winner will be chosen on November 29th.



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  1. When I first began researching my family tree, I did a search on newspapers.com to see if I could find any information about my 2x Great Grandfather, William Thomas Furey. No one in my immediate family knew anything about him as my Mother’s Mother, Jeanette Furay (My Grandmother, William’s Granddaughter), died when my Mom was 11, and her Father, Niles K Furey died in 1966. Well, WOW! What I found was truly scandalous! William T Furey was thrown in Prison on the accusation that he tried to murder his Mother in Law, via arsenic poisoning! Turns out that his Wife (my 2x Great Grandmother), Addie E Kelly Furey wanted to get rid of him so she tried to frame him. What a piece of work she must have been!! Her plan failed and William was exonerated. Crazy, but true story!!

  2. Brick walls, maybe in Ireland they should be referred to as stone walls.

    My aunt, Mary LUCAS SCOTT, had several nineteenth century letters stored in wax-paper sandwich bags inserted into and old scrapbook of turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century playbills. Amongst them are the following two letters.

    late Michael Mullet who
    died of consumption in the Month
    of December 1838 at Castleder-
    mot Co. Kildare and not at
    Palatine Co. Carlow
    [Illegible Signature] M.D.
    Castledermot Dispensary
    Nov. 24 1842

    Castledermot, Parish of Castledermot, Barony of Kilkea & Moone, Co. Kildare
    Palatine, Parish of Urglin, Barony of Carlow, Co. Carlow

    [My question is, why four years after the death and 21 years before death certificates were officially issued did the family need this confirmation of death. Second, what was Michael MULLETT’s connection to Palatine, Co. Carlow, that the family thought he had died there rather than in Castledermot. Also, would anyone know the names of any doctors assigned to the Castledermot Dispensary in November of 1842.]


    Margaret Welshe* has lived with me
    For Five years, part of the time as
    Childrens maid and latterly [sic] as my own
    Maid, I have always consider [sic] her
    A steady Honest & well conducted
    [illegible] Woman, and she leaves
    me at her own request on her Marriage
    I have first paid her all
    wages due
    Fanny Power
    April 14th 1852

    Tramore, Parish of Drumcannon, Barony of Middlethird, Co. Waterford (married there about April 14, 1852)

    * I have a great-great-grandmother Margaret MULLETT WALSH (under various spellings) who may have married Philip WALSH at this time. All their children born after civil registration commenced (1864) were born in Portroe, Co. Tipperary N.R. at Youghal Cottage. Therefore, I’m presume that she may be being referred to under her married name in this letter of reference. The MULLETTs have a Brussel, Belgian connection because among the other letters in sandwich bags is a letter from Brussel on the occasion of a return visit by their cousin, Margaret WALSH, addressed to her family in Ireland.

    [Therefore, my question is what is the relationship of Margaret MULLETT to Michael MULLETT.]

    Portroe (Portrue), Parish of Castletown-Arra (Castletownarra), Barony of Owney amd Arra, Co. Tipperary (North Riding)
    near Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

    1. Brian, thanks for posting your ‘stone’ walls here. Those are good ones. Hopefully having it out there will bring some responses for you.


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