Dublin Port Archive

This week a post was placed in a few of the Facebook groups I am in about the Dublin Port Archive being online.

The Dublin Port Archive covers the history of the port from 1707 forward. It also houses the Dublin Port Name Book. This book has information on the employees from 1906 – 1914.

I did a quick search through the ‘Name Book’ and there is no Connell or O’Connell listed. I did find one Fagan (which is one of my family surnames from Ireland). I did click the “view” and nothing came up. So I can only guess they are still working on the website.

I proceeded to search for Murphy and plenty of records showed up in the index, however I had the same issue once I click on view. While it is great to see that all this information has been saved, I would love to see the records. Once you click view, you should be getting a PDF to view of the record.

I will give this database another look in a few months.



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