Derrynane Ogham Stone

On our way to Derrynane we just happened across the Ogham stone. I about caused an accident when I yelled stop to the hubby. We were at the end of our tip and one of the things I wanted to see was an ogham stone and we had not come across one yet. I had done a google search the night before and did not even see the one at Derrynane in the list, otherwise I would have been looking for it.

© Terri O'Connell 2015
© Terri O’Connell 2015

I was so glad there was a place to pull off the road so we could get out and take some pictures.

Ogham Stone Carving
An up close view of the carvings. © Terri O’Connell 2015

Terri and Ogham Stone

It seems that every turn we took on this trip there was something cool to see. I made sure we did not miss one of them. There are many webpages devoted to ogham stones and their carvings so I will not go into the details of the letters. To learn more about the Derrynane Ogham Stone read here.





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