Death in 3’s

Growing up, I heard the saying that death always happens in threes. These past few months have been rough for my family. On 20 Nov 2009 we lost my Great Aunt, Viola (Lachney) Rowe. On 31 Dec 2009, we lost my Grandma (Viola’s sister), Zedith (Lachney) Richmond. Last, me lost my Great Aunt, Charlotte (Markland) Lachney (she was Viola and Zedith’s sister-in-law) on 16 Feb 2010.
Taking a look at those dates, Nov 20, Dec 31 and Feb 16, there is:
41 days between the deaths of sisters Viola and Zedith, roughly 6 weeks
47 days between the deaths of Zedith and Charlotte, roughly 7 weeks

How much can one family handle? Personally, I do not think I can handle anymore bad news. I thought 2009 would be the end of the bad news for our family and it seems it is continuing into the new year as well.

Though being reminded by my cousin Sue, on Facebook, that there were many things to celebrate in 2009. Such as, I was able to spend some time with her and Aunt Mae (Viola) before her passing. She is right, I will never forget the time spent visiting this summer.
Though on the other hand, my time with Grandma was short. I arrived in AL 2 days before she passed and really only had conversation with her for one day. The next day she was in so much pain and agony that conversation was minimal.

I can only hope this is the end of the sad news for our family. I also pray that the My Aunt Mary and Aunt Susie remain healthy, these are the remaining sisters to Viola and Zedith, I look forward to spending as much time as possible with them.



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  1. I am truly sorry for your losses. It is extremely difficult when our older geneartion begins to pass on. There have been two different periods in my husband’s and my life when we lost numerous family members in what seemed to be back to back time periods, and it is very difficult. Bless you.

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