Dear Genea Santa

Dear Genea Santa,

As I am sure you know, it has been a rough year for most everyone. While I have been hard at work trying to research may different lines in my family, I am certainly having a difficult time with two of them.

What I would love most this holiday season, is the death certificate for my great-great grandfather, John O’Connell (Nov 1857 – 26 Sep 1931). With the economy being is such a bad way, I have not been able to find a job yet and cannot afford to order this record. With this record I would also love to get a bit more information on John and his family growing up, and his marriage to Bridget Curran (1862-1895).

Since I have started researching my in-laws Russian line, I would love to be able to have someone willing to translate the emails I am receiving from Russia (I do appreciate the websites out there that help,  but I would love a thorough translation). I would also like to have the death certificate of  Anatoli Poray – Koshetz (9 Aug 1875 Russia – 29 May 1937 Stamford, CT).

I have been a good genealogist this year, with helping to transcribe records for family search, assisting others when I can find the information. I have spent time with my Great Aunt’s recording some of their family stories on audio and plan to do the same with my Grandma in the next few weeks. I hope to be able to transcribe their stories and put together a few, fun articles for my blog. So please Genea Santa, help me and my other friends out this season and grant of few of our genea wishes.


Terri @ Finding Our Ancestors

PS. The cookies and milk will be on the coffee table, plus a special treat for Rudolph and his friends await!



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