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This year I have volunteered to assist with genealogy research for my local DAR chapter. At the first meeting, we got to meet the rest of the group that would be assisting as well. Once we were done getting to know each other and going over the forms they want us to use we were able to ask a few questions. I was very curious about the GEP (Genealogy Education Program) classes.

Colonial Flag at Betsy Ross House

In a few of the Facebook groups I belong to their is a lot of discussion about these classes; who is taking them, what they are learning and so forth. I had asked someone awhile back if it was something I needed to take and I was told no, that being a long time genealogist I would not learn anything. So, I brought up the GEP classes and if I should take them. Money is an issue, lets face it, genealogists want to get the most out of their money, wether it is for a new record or an online subscription. I was advised that though the first class is probably going to go over information I already know, the following classes would be more specific to the DAR.

I broke down about a month or so ago and paid for GEP I, so far the class has been centered on analysis and records. Nothing new to me. But, I hope that once I finish this class and move to the next it might bring me some new information.



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  1. I took all 3 classes about 3 years ago. You probably won’t find them to be challenging until you hit GEP III, but unfortunately you have to take the first 2 before you can get to it. Hang in there – it will be worth it in the end!

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