County Kildare Genealogy Group Now on Facebook

Do you like to collaborate with people researching in the same areas your ancestors came from? Are you ancestors from County Kildare Ireland? Then come and join our Facebook community, County Kildare Genealogy where you will be able to interact with others researching their ancestors in County Kildare as well.

The groups mission and guidelines are as follows:

Mission: The goal of this group is to bring together genealogists researching in this specific county of Ireland. It should be utilized as another resource; a place to go to when you run out of ideas or a place to come together and see if your family is being researched by another person that you might be able to collaborate with.

Guidelines: We ask that all posts stay on topic to the county. It is understandable if you need to discuss a neighboring county; but topics such as DNA should be saved for the groups that are focused strictly on that.

When posting queries about your ancestors, please be specific with the question you are asking. Also, please give detailed information on them. The more information you post originally will hopefully keep the threads shorter. If possible, please include the date and place of birth (even if it is an estimate), any marriage information, their children (include as many as you know) and death specific information as well.




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