My Christmas Wish List

Do your relatives have problems getting you a gift? My kids tell me I am a hard person to shop for, it makes me laugh. If you give me something genealogy related, it is pretty much going to be a good gift. This year I decided the best thing to do is to publish my list here so they can shop til they drop for their momma. I promise I have been a good girl this year.

Gift Ideas

I would love to get a few items from Hamilton Insignia for the DAR. I believe to order these you will need my DAR number. I can get this for you (or so can someone else in the house, my certificate hangs in the office and the # is lists on it).

A membership to the following  societies would be great.

I am a past member to these societies, so you might need the email I used. If you do not want to ask for it, consider a gift card to cover the amount.





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