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Chit Chat Live: Noah Wyle and More

On Chit Chat Live we discuss the latest episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with Noah Wyle. Noah’s story follows his confederate ancestor from Louisiana to Mississippi. Everyone certainly had a different opinion of this episode.

Long Lost Family was a rough episode this week and the topic of familial rape is brought up. The topic is handled gently (on Long Lost Family and Chit Chat Live).

Relative Race was a fun episode this week, no real emotional stories to pull you in. However, the blue team does have a prank pulled on them.

For assistance with researching your Civil War Ancestor check out An In-Brief Guide to Researching Your Civil War Ancestor and Ancestors in a Nation Divided. If you are looking for assistance in researching your black sheep or the forbidden family stories check our An In-Brief Guide to Researching Your Forbidden




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