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Chit Chat Live: John Stamos and More

What an episode! Who Do You Think You Are? certainly gave us a great show on the family of John Stamos. Reading comments on social media, some believe this was the best episode yet!

Relative Race was another emotional episode, except this week is was for team blue. Producers took care of a deep wish for Kyla and had a headstone engraved and installed for her mother. It was deeply emotional for her and her husband to see this, it was part of their official race to make a stop at the cemetery. Even more emotional to was Kyla meeting her sister for the first time. Kyla knew about her sister, the sister knew nothing about her. Team Green got a much anticipated visit to the nations capital from their relative. If you are planning a trip to D.C., check out Shannon Combs – Bennett’s book, A Genealogist’s Guide to the Washington DC Area.

Long Lost Family goes down the road of finding the son of a man who has a less than perfect record. Criminal record that is. Lisa Joyner is a bit worried about what the sons family will think when she sets out to find the son.

Get comfy, grab a snack and your favorite cuppa. Settle in and watch our latest episode of Chit Chat Live!




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