Chit Chat Live: Genealogy TV Finalies

Genealogy TV Finalies:

The genealogy season always seems so short. This past week we watched the final episodes of Long Lost Family and Relative Race. Most of this season of Long Lost Family has touched many of our hearts. We have watched these heart warming stories reuniting biological families. The final episodes did not hold back, the episode was a tear jerker.

On Relative Race, we followed the final three team: Green, Red and Blue complete tasks throughout Boston’s Freedom Trail. It was great to see Boston, even in the rain, as the teams ran from task to task.

If you have not watched the final episodes, know that this will spoil the ending. So, grab your favorite snack and cuppa. Sit back and enjoy (scroll down for the links shared in the chat).


Links shared by Melissa about the Andrew Jackson collection:

Planning a trip to Boston? Check out A Genealogist’s Guide to Boston, Massachusetts by Jacky Gamble (available in paperback, on Kindle, and in PDF.



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