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Chit Chat Live: Fun With Tabs

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A few weeks ago our host, Valerie Eichler Lair, appeared on one of Dear Myrtle’s Hangout On Air to discuss how and why she tabs her book Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills. A few of our regular panelists have stated they wanted a bit more clarification on the process. With this weeks episode Valerie takes the time to explain her system, again. Val then answers questions from the panel and we discuss how this can be used in other books for research purposes.

With the assistance of Laurie Desmarias, Val was able to create a spreadsheet of the tabs she uses. This is to be used as a guide. If you have something that you need to add into the list, do it. Also, if she has something listed that you do not use, do not use it. Val recommends tabs that are 2 x 1.5″ for optimal space to write.

Grab your favorite cuppa, sit back and enjoy!








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