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Chit Chat Live: CeCe Moore and Finding Your Roots

This weeks episode of Finding Your Roots really digs into the field of genetic genealogy. We are excited to have CeCe Moore join us to discuss this episode with us.

We hope you enjoy.



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  1. I find this website VERY HARD TO FOLLOW!! There is a PERMANENT BAND of social media networks icons nearly an inch wide on the extreme left hand side which can not be deleted. It screens out enough of whatever your column says so that the sense can not be interpolated from the remaining words. Secondly, it would be helpful to have a written transcript or summary of what the videos discuss, since many of your readers have hearing difficulties & can’t follow the rapid speech in the videos…
    Sincerely, KMC

    1. Kay,

      So sorry you are having website problems. The social media links on the bottom can be shut down by going to the very bottom and clicking the double arrows that point to the right.

      We will look into how we can get a written transcript. As you can understand, that would take a great length of time and we would not be able to get these links up as fast if we had to transcribe them afterwards.


          1. Thanks, Terri,
            By shrinking the page to 90%, I was able to mouse over the arrows. I normally run webpages at 110%-125% to be able to read the small letters. KMC

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