Childhood Memories

5376_130621732305_672157305_3096539_8228776_sWhen I was a child, my brother and I spent our weekends at our maternal Grandparents (The Richmond’s) house. There always seemed to be something going on. In the backyard, there was this great Apple Tree that we would climb. I remember that I could never get very high into the tree. I was not a natural-born tree climber. I needed a small chair or a boost from Mom to get me into the tree. My brother would go up high as possible and tease me because I could never catch up to him.

We spent a lot of time in this yard sitting outside on the patio, running around and even hanging laundry with Grandma. But, it is not the yard or the tree that are the best memories here. It’s Grandma’s house! That is why it is special. I spent weekends and my summers there.  Her kitchen holds many memories, helping her cook dinner and then making Grandpa’s lunch (for work). Here is where I learned to cook. My best recipes come from Grandma and today, I laugh and tell her that I can make some of them better than her.

Besides the cooking in the kitchen, there was plenty of playing cards and other games. Some of my favorite card games played here are Rummy, Gin and Solitaire. We also learned how to play dice! That was a favorite for a long time. Grandpa’s friend Bill would come over and we would laugh for hours. We were never treated as “kids” and sent to bed early. If someone was visiting, we were there having the same fun the adults were. After Grandpa passed, Grandma moved out-of-state. When I pass her old neighborhood, there is a feeling of sadness. Knowing that she is not there, and that I cannot just walk in and smell a wonderful home cooked dinner waiting for me to eat. I cannot wait to go and visit, to have those meals we would eat as kids, cooked by my Grandma!


Thanks to Randy at Genea Musings, not just for giving us fun things to blog about. But, for reminding us to sit back and think about our lives as well. This was definitely Saturday Night Fun!



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