Changing Some of my Goals for 2012

In the beginning of the year many geneabloggers picked buddies to help keep them on track with their goals for this year and then proceeded to blog about said goals. Read my original goals here.  After almost a full month into the year, I know that what I have planned to accomplish as goals is far-reaching and not attainable this year. That would be the goal to research my Richmond line to verify if it is part of the Rogers Mayflower line. This is probably something that will take me a year or two to do and maybe a road trip to follow-up on some of those leads. This goal also plays into my writing goal, I want to be ale to write about the Richmond line. There are many brave men in this line with stories to tell, but I want all the facts before I can do that. So, with much thought I know I need to rewrite these two goals.

Research: This is the year that I plan to analyze my research (again), I have found a way that really helps me see the big picture and find what I am missing. While doing this, it also might make things easier to find in the 1940 Census once released. While analyzing the families I will be searching for the missing documents and making a list of what cannot be found and where I need to look next for said record.


1) This still tends to be the hard one for me. My goal here is to blog more consistently. Which I have been able to do so far. I plan to use the bloggers editorial calendar to stay up to date (and maybe a little ahead).

2) I was asked to write a chapter in Jen Holik’s kids genealogy books on travel and researching your family, which I have sent in my first draft today.

3) I still would like to write a book about one of my families, now I feel that will end up being my German family, the Jonas’. I seem to be drawn to this family currently and I would like to put everything I have learned about this family in writing.

Please stay with me as I move forward this year with these goals. If anything, I should prove to entertaining and hope to share what I learn along the way.



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  1. I think we’re all going to have our goals evolve a bit more as we realize how much time some of them take. You’re doing a great job. You’ve revisited a goal and reanalyzed it. It is easier to blog more with the memes that come out! You’re doing a great job!

  2. Looks like you’re already making progress! I’d love to hear more about your research tricks that help to “see the big picture.” I’m thinking of rolling out a sheet of drawing paper to help with my notes.

    1. Denise, One of the next few posts will be about what I have been doing and how it has helped me solve a mystery within a 2 days. Stay tuned…

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