Off to California

I am sure when this photo was taken in the late 50’s, the last thing on my Grandmother’s mind was here children moving far away from home. This photo happens to say a lot in just three words, “Off to California.” My Grandmother, Ida, lost not one, but two daughters to the sunny state of California in the 60’s. Both of them making California their home, and raising their families there.

For those of us that stayed at home, we longed for their visits. Seeing the cousins was always fun. When one aunt visited, I always got to play tourist in my home town. It was probably the only time I got to see extended family and the great museums that Chicago has (unless of course there was a school field trip).

The other cousins were much older than I, but they were usually here for the summer. Working for my Dad’s friend. I am thankful for the time we spent together as children and wish we were closer today.


Family members in photo, (back row left to right: Terri, Ida, and Sandy. Front row: Dan and David. 



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