C Pratt letter update

Here is the letter that I got from Clellon Pratt, dated 11/5/08…

Yes. My mother was a family member. I remember Dennis working in Canada. I think the town name was Thorough or something like that (very close, it was Thorold) I don’t know if my Mother was notified of his burial. I (not sure of word here) around at this time in 1950. My mother died in 1968. You didn’t mention any of the other siblings. I remember, 1 of them was Aunt Elizabeth that had a gas station outside of Glover (I think). I remember going to Hudson Falls and Glen Falls when I was a kid. My father died in 1942 of cancer. My sister still lives in Felts Mills. She knows more about the Aunt and Uncles than I do. (he then gives her address and his phone #) Black River is only 2 miles from Felts Mills. I hope you can read this letter.
signed CFP



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