Book Review: This is my Lemonade: An Adoption Story

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Over the Thanksgiving holiday I downloaded a free ebook, This is My Lemonade: An Adoption Story by Robert Mulkey. I have always been interested in stories that bring a family back together. There have been many television shows that share these types of stories with the public. My heart always aches for both sides, trying to understand a dynamic that you have no clue how either side truly feels.

Robert really gives you the insiders view and its not tied into a neat bow for the audience. He shares the good, the bad and the complicated. As he struggles to figure out who he is with each family and how he fits into these families is enough to keep my heart aching for all he has been through. Robert is a man who loves his adopted family, but wants to find the connection with his birth family and his book takes you through his years of trying to find his spot in the world.

There were many parts of the book that left me in complete tears and other parts that I got a good chuckle out if. I definitely recommend Robert’s book.



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