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This past year we have seen many new applications (apps) for the genealogy field. I never jump on the band wagon right away. I like to wait and make sure that all the kinks are worked out. I hate to start working with something that does not work the way it is supposed to. When everyone started downloading Billion Graves on their Iphones and other smart phones, I waited. To be perfectly honest, I was not sure we needed another site to search for photo’s of graves. Find-a-grave has been a staple website that genealogists have been utilizing for years.

As I looked to see if Find a grave had a mobile application for the Iphone (which I did not find), I also found the Tombfinder App., which is a free download as well. I have not downloaded this app yet. But will think about it for the future, again how many websites/applications do we need to consult for photo’s of gravestones.

Lets get back to Billion Graves, I love this app for a few reasons. First, because you snap the photo of the grave marker right from the app. Take as many pictures in the cemetery as you would like. If you want to just take photo’s of the family or if you want to take your time and do a section of the cemetery, either way all photo’s are appreciated. After you complete taking photo’s, all you need to do is click on the “load” button and then all photo’s will load to the website. Awesome! On find a grave, I have to resize all my photo’s and because of this my involvement has been minimal. Second, it is so easy to navigate and use. For those  that are not so tech savvy, you an also use this app. I promise it is easy!

If you go to Billion Graves website, you can sign in and look through your photo’s or transcribe your photo’s or someone else’s. The company even holds contests to get everyone involved. For the next month, every member of your team that reaches the 10,000 will receive recognition on the Wall of Fame. For every team that reaches 100,000 points, Billion Graves will donate an Ipad2, on your teams behalf to the school or charity chosen by your team leader. Since there is just a month left, I joined in with the Genealogist’s in Second Life Team. I know I will not be able to add a lot to the team at this point, but I will do what I can.

Have you tried Billion Graves yet? What are you waiting for? Please join us in preserving the markers of your ancestors!



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    1. Steph, sorry about the glitchy phone. Modern technology is not always so grand. Hope you get that taken care of soon so that you can use Billion Graves as well. Though, you can still log in on your computer and transcribe the photo’s others have taken. At this point, I have transcribed more than I have I have taken pictures.
      I am going to love this site. Might just go to the cemetery by my house to take some photo’s.

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