Are Books on Your List of Holiday Gifts

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, there are many genealogists who are making their wish list for Genea-Santa (yes, he does exist). This year, I have a few things on my list. But a few of the items I want are books. Yes, books. I love to read, and what is better than learning a bit about the places my ancestors came from while I read.

My Irish ancestors, I swear that they haunt me; wanting me to find them. What they seem to forget (or heck maybe in the afterlife they just don’t get it) is that the Irish are hard to trace. Which, is why I want a few books on Irish Ancestors.

My List is as follows:

  1. Researching Your Cork Ancestors
  2. Researching Your Kerry Ancestors
  3. Sources for Irish Family History
  4. Irish Church Records
  5. Annie’s Letter

Do you have Irish Ancestors that you might need a little (or a lot) of assistance with? You just might try one of the books available through Fly Leaf Press. Fly Leaf Press is Ireland’s major specialist publisher of family history and genealogy titles.





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