Another Season of Who Do You Think You Are

This afternoon we received confirmation that TLCs, Who Do You Think You Are? will begin airing on Sunday, March 5th. Make sure to mark this in your planner, I am sure you do not want to miss one episode.

From the press release:

  •   Jessica Biel makes surprising discoveries that change what she thought knew about her heritage.
  • Julie Bowen uncovers the story of two relatives whose moral codes are from opposite ends of the spectrum.
  • Courteney Cox traces her maternal line back seven centuries to the Medieval times to discover royalty in her lineage and an unbelievable tale of family drama.
  • Jennifer Grey uncovers new information about the grandfather she thought she knew, learning how he survived adversity to become a beacon of his community.
  • Smokey Robinson searches for answers behind the mystery of why his grandfather disappeared from his children’s lives and finds a man tangled in a swirl of controversy.
  • John Stamos digs into the mystery of how his grandfather became an orphan, and learns of tensions between families that led to a horrible crime.
  • Liv Tyler learns that her family is tied into the complicated racial narrative of America.
  • Noah Wyle unravels the mystery of his maternal line, uncovering an ancestor who survived one of America’s bloodiest battles.

If you are interested in seeing what the celebrities have to say during their episodes, we suggest following them on Twitter. Their twitter accounts are as follows: Jessica Biel, Julie Bowen, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Grey, Smokey Robinson, John Stamos, and Liv Tyler. Unfortunately, I could not find a verified account for Noah Wyle.

We look forward to chatting about each episode!




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  1. Could you tell us the line up who comes first, etc… I really want to make sure that I get to see the one with Julie Bowen, her story , I have been told leads to my hometown , Gallipolis, Ohio… I don’t want to miss any of them, but would really like to make sure I leave that night for watching … So excited for the new season.


    1. Cheryl, our goal is to post about the show weekly. Hopefully we will be able to give you the information as it comes!

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