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Bootstrap DNA by Charles Jencks, 2003As most of you know there have been some changes over at AncestryDNA and with changes come a lot of chat, good and bad. I will be honest, for this one I read a bit of it and that was it. My results from Ancestry had been way too many with not enough information to help me weed through them and find the connections I needed to make.

Last Friday I signed in and saw the changes within my results. I spent some time going through the connections that had family trees to see if I could find common names. I was able to email four different people in regards to their tests and family trees. Letting them know where I think our connections were.

Three days passed and I finally had some replies in my ancestry messages. I am super excited that out of the four emails I sent, I had three replies this morning. Here is what we were able to confirm.

My Canadian-French line third great-grandfather Jean B. Fontaine is our shared ancestor.
My third great-grandfather Thomas Warden is a common ancestor for the second email.
On the third email I need to look into Nancy Bragg and her paternal line to see if I can find the connection. Nancy is my fourth great-grandmother.

The only thing that confuses me so far is the DNA Circles, for two of these new found cousins and I have shared people in our trees and we did not show up in the DNA Circles. Do you have any thoughts on that? I am chalking it up to this is still new and they are working out the kinks.

Exciting days are ahead in the area of DNA for this gal!



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