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There has been a lot of talk on Twitter lately about the AncestryDNA testing and I thought it was well past the time that I put my results up. When I originally received the results, I posted the findings on my Facebook account and have not done a lot with them otherwise. Though, I did email with 2 different people who Ancestry states I have a  95 and 96% chance of being related to.

Results of my AncestryDNA test.

Basically, it states that my ethnicity is:

  • 37% Scandanavian
  • 33% British Isles
  • 19% Southern European
  • 10% Finnish/Volga-Ural
  •    1% Uncertain

At first, I will say the Scandinavian threw me for a loop. But, after thinking about my Irish heritage, and my red-headed family members, that made sense. The British Isles made sense as well. There were a few lines that came through England and of course that also includes my Irish. Southern European though…which they consider modern-day Spain, Portugal and Italy. I do not know of anyone that came from any of those areas, so far. The Finnish/Volga-Ural they consider modern-day Russia or Finland. Well, no one I know from there either. But, I have been told that could be my Germans or the Hungarians.

The two people I have emailed with have not been able to connect with my lines at this point. But, never say never. As AncestryDNA compiles more data the percentages may change and from what I hear they may be giving more information out so that we can try to find where the connections may be. At this point, I am glad I took the test, but I wait for more data to come out of it. This is my first dip into the DNA waters and I know this was not a test specific to a family line, which I would like to do as well. I am still looking for an O’Connell male to do the Y-DNA test for me. If there are any takers in my specific family line, please contact me. I do plan to take the Mt-DNA in the future.

Did you take the AncestryDNA test? What were your results?



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  1. I find this really interesting. I was disappointed that I missed my invitation email to purchase a DNA kit. Hopefully more will be available soon…I’m curious what my own results will be!

      1. I found my way back to this entry from your twitter post! 🙂 I did have a second chance to order the test and I was a little surprised by how uniform they were – 99% British Isles! Based on my research it makes sense…but such a high percentage was rather unexpected. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Nice to see you dipping your toe in and posting about DNA! I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about the admixture predictions (percentage breakdowns) at AncestryDNA, discussing how many have received surprising results especially with the Scandinavian percentages. In case you are interested, it is here:
    I hope you will continue to investigate the exciting world of genetic genealogy. 🙂

    1. CeCe, I did read your post last week and got a lot of great information from it. I am looking forward to the next test I will be able to take.

      1. Happy to hear it. I hope you can find that O’Connell male. Y-DNA testing is a lot of fun, partly because it is so specific and partly because there are such great surname projects. Best of luck!

  3. Hi! I found your post very interesting because I had a similar reaction to my Ancestry DNA results. And I wrote a blog post about them, too: My test revealed 71% Eastern European, 23% Central European, and 6% Persian/Turkish, Caucasus. That last percentage didn’t immediately make sense to me because I did not know of any ancestors from that region. But I did have a great-grandfather from Sicily and, after some research, I learned that there was a lot of Arabic influence on that island in the past, so I’m assuming that’s where it came from, but I don’t know. I was surprised that I did NOT have any “southern European” listed because my one grandmother was an Italian immigrant. It’s cool that Ancestry was able to connect you with people you have a very good chance of being related to – I didn’t get any connections unfortunately.

    1. Emily, thanks for stopping by and commenting. The test results are definitely interesting and since I wrote this post some of my friends results have changed.

      Be patient in regards to making connections, that changes daily as more results are made available.


  4. I got my results on July 31,2012. As of today I have over 2000 connections,
    The Scandanavian was the most surprising. I had done extensive surname research so the European & British Isles were not too surprising. The high percentage of British Isles was a little more surprising. I have DNA proof of east Asian & Native American via previous mtDNA tests which did not show at Ancestry’s test. It is a little disappointing but also a lot of info anf a fun experience.

    1. Velma,

      That is a lot of connections. How many markers did you have tested? From what I understand, the more markers tested you will lose a lot of the matches.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, its appreciated!

  5. Hi! I just got my test results via Not surprised at all by my results! I don’t really understand the finnish/volga result??? And I’m pretty sure I always heard there is English, Irish, Hungarian??? I was adopted and my adoptive mom is Italian, but never expected to see that in my DNA (it wasn’t) lol ~ I did another dna thing before that tracked back to the beginning of human kind and even got Chinese in there! So funny, because I am adopted and just so white that I can’t even tan (always burn) and have blonde hair and so dolot of my birth siblings and my oldest son (born with super blonde hair and blue eyes (from my husband) ~ so crazy ~pretty sure there is some English in there too ~ Just wondering what Volga is???

  6. My DNA Test results were Scandanavian also, Denmark more specifically. I have decided to stop at the ocean as I have to many brick walls in the states

    1. Barbee,

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Its greatly appreciated.
      I definitely understand about the IS brick walls. I have many as well. My research hops from one line to the next as I hit those walls. Usually, when I get back to a line, something new is available to assist me with getting back a bit further.

      Good luck with your research!

  7. My husband was diagnosed with a form of glaucoma found mainly in those with Swedish Ancestry.
    Big surprise! until I discovered his mother’s family had connections to the shipload the King of Sweden sent to Pensylvania before 1690 which i had not known about thru my education.
    Surprising what you find. DNA testing has not brought me much more than the percentages as listed above.

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