AncestryDNA and a Curran Connection

After the luck I had with my Connell searched in AncestryDNA, I thought it was time I look for any connections to the name Curran. My 2nd great-grandmother, Bridget Curran married John O’Connell and I truly have minimal information on her. No vital records at all, the 1892 New York State Census, a letter from the church her son Dennis was baptized in and a picture of her grave in Granville, NY. A lot of nothing. Nada. Zilch.

When I was conversing with the church years ago, I was told that Bridget most likely had a sister Catherine because she was a sponsor to Catherine’s child. Back then, I was emailing with two of Catherine’s descendants but we never found a paper trail connection between the two woman and I pretty much gave up on researching Bridget. I figured I knew her name and that would be the end of it.

Search: Curran
Results: 1 – 4th Cousin and 6 distant cousins.

Here is the kicker, the person that showed up as a fourth cousin. I have looked at their name thinking I should know it. But I never looked further. Not this week. This week, I took a look at the family tree connected with the results. The person I connected with descends from Catherine Curran. We may not have the paper trail today, but we have the DNA connection!

Keep searching those DNA connections, you never know what you will find!



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