Anatole Poray-Koshetz

My in law’s family has grown up listening to stories that their Great Grandfather Anatole Poray (Poray Koshetz (Koshitz)) was high in the Russian Army in 1916. We just have no proof at this point. I have started researching this family to prove this for my Mother-in-law.

So far, I have found Anatole and his family in the 1920 census in Manhattan, NY. Anatole worked for the Russian Embassy. I also found his Draft Card for WWI. That is pretty much most of what I have found for the family so far. The 1930 Census though is proving to be much harder to find them in. I will not give up though.

In Russia, I did find a school that holds the Poray-Koshetz (Koshitz) name, in the town we believe they lived in (Luhansk) . I will find someone who can help us find the background for the school. It opened in 1923 and our Poray’s  left the area in 1916 when they came to America.

Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done here and it will be a challenge to do. Hopefully, we will be able to get this family tree back into Russia!



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  1. Hi,when I was looking on internet to find some information about my grand father’s family Google throw your link as a result and this is the reason I’m writng this.I hope the information below will help you with your research .My grand father’s name was:Sergei Pavlovich Koshitz.He was born in Bern,Switzerland in 1882.He was the yangest of 3 kids.His brother name was George and I’m not sure about his sister name.The name of his father was Pavel Yaremevich Koshitz.He was military doctor.Acording to my mom My family roots are from Ukraine,Jitomir(city near Kiev).Around 1920 my grandfather and his brother escaped from Russia and lived in Turkey,Serbia and Bulgaria.In 1944 my grandfather maried my grandma and established family in Bulgaria.His brother moved to Jugoslavia.After 1944 the Bulgaria become comunist state and my grandfather because of his escape from Russia spent several years in Bulgarian Gulag like prison-Belene.In 1955 his brother George was forced by Tito regim to leave Jugoslavia and he moved with his family to Ottawa,Canada.My grandfather visit him twice and during his first visit he met some relative from states.I think this person could be the link between our families.

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