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An Interview With Melissa Barker, AKA The Archive Lady

Our host, Cheri, and panel talk with Melissa Barker about her job in the archives.

Meet the Panel:

Shelley Murphy – FamilyTreeGirl

Special Guests:

Melissa Barker aka The Archive Lady – A Genealogist in the Archives

Some of the discussion went into the personal archives of our panel. Shelley has shared some pictures of the doll she discussed, as well as a marriage certificate. Thanks Shelley for letting our readers peek into your archives.

Doll Shelley was given at the age of 10.
Picture of the same dolls leg taped together after being smashed by a hammer.
Shelley’s collection of dolls in outfits crocheted by her Mother.
Marriage certificate discussed by Shelley.



We hope you enjoy!




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